Do you snap at your spouse and kids, then wonder what in the world is wrong with you?

Are you angry that there never seems to be enough time for you, your interests, your desires?

Do you grieve over what is happening to your body as it ages?

Do you lie in bed at night sweating and fretting and can't see an end in sight?

Have you ever thought of running away from home, if even for just a week?

Do you dream about making changes to your life . . . but don’t know where to start?

For women, our midlife years can bring unpredictable challenges and change to both our lives and our bodies, often simultaneously. These overlapping, or closely spaced obstacles, can wreak havoc with our relationships and careers, even rocking the very foundation of our self-worth and personal wellness.

It’s hard enough to be dealing with an aging parent, a straying spouse, the last child leaving the nest, or realizing your career is no longer fulfilling at the same time that your body is undergoing significant and sometimes painful changes. This is called midlife and menopause, and to most women the very thought of either of these inevitable times of change causes a shudder to ripple through our very beings.

I am here to assure you that midlife and menopause do not have to be the life-draining and life-defining labels that have tormented women for generations. How often have you heard midlife and crisis spoken as if they are one word? And how many times must menopause, which is a wholly natural process, be represented as “the end” of a woman’s vitality, before we learn how to literally BE evidence to the contrary?

Isn’t it bad enough that we start our journey into fertility being damned by “The Curse”; must we also end those same years as a dried-up old crone?

Yes, I know these years can be difficult. You’ve entered a major transitional phase of your life. But instead of dreading this phase, welcome it, take charge of it, and determine the path you will travel while passing through to your golden years.

As your personal Life Coach, I will be your partner in sorting out the many choices and opportunities available to you during these years of change.

Change is good! Change creates possibility!

Through my coaching, I will help you more smoothly navigate the challenges you face during your midlife and menopause journey. When we work together, and by following proven methods, you can expect to:

Identify and eradicate the fundamental core beliefs that have been stopping you from achieving fulfillment, success and happiness.

Comprehend how the universe works and successfully implement the laws of manifestation and attraction.

Learn how to use visualizations, affirmations and focused intentions to direct the outcomes you desire.

Create powerful and dynamic relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations in order to support you in becoming your truest self.

Integrate energy building and wellness producing behaviors to create a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Teach you to honor yourself and maintain balance in your life through the use of self-care techniques.

Discover what has been missing in your life and define a new, rewarding path.

Midlife and menopause need not be the difficult, draining and often disillusioning journey that our mothers and grandmothers experienced. Today, midlife women can still become mothers or start on second or even third careers at an age when our grandmothers were already considered old. Think about it! Women at 50 today may still have 30 or more years of healthy and productive living! Don’t waste another minute of your precious time being unhappy, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Remember that midlife and menopause aren’t diseases! There’s nothing to cure! Please don’t view what could be the most productive years of your life as years that are less than, or not as full of possibility as, the years of your youth. Rather, think of midlife and menopause as another phase in the natural process of your life. And I can tell you from personal experience that the process, challenging as it may be at times, is well worth the effort. By welcoming the work and putting in your best effort, we will create momentum so that your focused actions manifest results rapidly. As you develop new skills, these skills will translate into more success in all areas of your life.

If you are ready to be inspired, supported, motivated and encouraged to create a life to love, and to receive a Free, 45 minute Coaching Consultation, I invite you to contact me at (856) 854-7393, or I will get back to you promptly, usually within 24 hours.